Quantum Wordle (Qwordle)

Welcome to the Quantum version of Wordle!

Go here to play.

How to play Qwordle:

Guess one of two words in the entangled-pair in six tries. The two words in an entangled word pair never have overlapping letters.

Special Rules:

The colored tiles follow special rules loosely inspired by quantum mechanics:

Classical case: If your guess matches letters with exactly one of the two words in the entangled-pair (either one), you will see completely-filled colored tiles. However, there is no indicator for which of the two words in the pair matches your current guess. This is analogous to a deterministic measurement of the closest word in the pair.

Quantum case: If your guess matches letters across both words in the entangled-pair, you will see half-filled colored tiles for the whole guess. Similar to the previous case, these tiles don't indicate which letters belong to which word in the pair. This is analogous to repeated measurements of multiple almost identical entangled-pairs producing mixed results (duality).

Remember: The two words in the entangled-word pairs never share the same letters between them (contain disjoint sets of letters).

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  • View the source code here