Hey friends — I’m Chetan Bhat

It’s nice to meet you!

💻 I currently work as a Software Engineer at Meta (Facebook | Instagram).

🌎 I live in the Greater Seattle Area with my wife and two kids.

❤️ I like tinkering & learning new things - I hope to share my notes with you through this personal blog!

🚨 Needless to say, all things posted here are personal opinions and do not represent those of my employer.

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Latest Notes

Welcome to the Quantum version of Wordle! Go here to play. How to play Qwordle: Guess one of two words in the entangled-pair in six tries. The two words in an entangled word pair never have overlapping letters. Special Rules: The colored tiles follow special rules loosely inspired by quantum mechanics: Classical case: If your guess matches letters with exactly one of the two words in the entangled…

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